Quite an art


Roasting is a key stage that requires know-how, patience and sensory expertise.

In our opinion a good roast is a roast that will awaken the senses of your taste buds and will sublimate the terroir of origin.

Offering you quality coffees requires great regularity in the roasting process.

Every coffee has its own story, it's our responsibility to display the work of our coffee farmer partners.

During roasting the colour of the beans changes from green to brown in about 15 minutes.
Artisanal roasting

Unique for each coffee

Roasting consists in heating and "cooking" the green coffee beans to liberate all their aromas. There are several levels of roasting that depend on temperature, colour, odours of the beans, etc. To extract the best from our coffees, our roaster carefully defines a roasting level suitable for every coffee.


Unlike some industrial roasting techniques (known as flash roasting), the slow artisanal roasting that we practice allows us to to take the best from each coffee bean. The coffee is heated progressively to a temperature between 180 and 220°C in about 15 minutes.


Our coffees are roasted every week and we deliver them to you within a few days that follow the roasting process. This allows us to guarantee an ideal freshness and an unbeatable cup taste.


After each roasting, the loss of mass of the coffee is measured and the colorimetry is analysed. 24 hours later the coffees are tasted during a cupping to check their quality in a cup.

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Available finishes

For all machines !

Grinding refers to the way in which the coffee bean is ground. You will find our coffees in a variety of grindings for the office coffee machine or for your coffee machine at home.

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