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Reliable, robust and stylish, Jura machines are ideal for your office!

Machines à café Jura pour entreprise
The Roger Federer of coffee machines: Swiss and highly performant. Get it? 😎

Official distributor of Jura professional machines

Never out of order

Jura machines hardly ever break down. On average, the machines operate 94% of the time. No more complaints about a broken coffee machine!


Jura machines are of energy class A or B, offering the most efficient energy performance possible.

icone grain de café

Easy to use

Cappuccino, espresso, lungo, tea? Just press a button and your drink is on its way! And the screens are available in several languages. You're welcome.

Maintenance almost as fast as Roger's service!

Get that Javry service

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Fast maintenance

On the rare occasions when the machine breaks down, a technician intervenes quickly and, if necessary, the machine is replaced within 48 hours.

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Official Jura repairer

Fast repairs by experts specially trained on the Jura machine: that's the guarantee Javry offers when working with an authorized Jura service center.

Delicious coffee

Jura machines are very good. So imagine with a high-quality, ethical and eco-friendly coffee... hard to find better! 😎

simplicity and excellence

The Jura WE range

The WE series, with the Jura WE6 and Jura WE8 models, stands out for its ease of use without compromising on coffee quality.



The WE6 offers an authentic coffee experience thanks to its AromaG3 grinder and intelligent extraction technology.



The WE8 also offers specialities such as cappuccino and latte macchiato, perfect for bringing a little variety to your office coffee break!



In a nutshell

  • For small companies with 15 to 30 employees
  • From €48/month
  • Available for purchase or lease
Machine à café Jura WE6
Machine à café Jura X6
elegance and performance

The Jura X range

Jura’s X series, including the Jura X6 and Jura X10 models, embodies the perfect blend of sleek aesthetics and innovative functionality.



The X6 will satisfy black coffee fans and tea lovers alike, thanks to its hot water nozzle.



The X10, with its milk drink options, will be ideal for satisfying the preferences of everyone in your team. As a bonus, its cold extraction system makes it possible to serve Cold Brew coffees!



In a nutshell

  • For medium-sized companies with 30 to 80 employees
  • From €76/month
  • Available for purchase or lease
high capacity and quality

The Jura GIGA range

The GIGA X3 and GIGA X8 models take the office coffee experience to the next level.



These coffee machines are designed for demanding work environments and offer exceptional versatility with over 30 programmable specialties.



The GIGA X8 is best suited to work environments where coffee consumption is very high.


In a nutshell

  • For large companies with 80 to 120 employees
  • From €120/month
  • Optional mains water connection
  • Available for purchase or lease


machine à café Jura X3C
Our customers

Javry: tried, tested and approved

Why Javry coffee?

By choosing Javry coffee, you're helping to create stable jobs and sustainable farming practices in coffee-producing countries.

Frequently asked questions

Once you’ve requested a quote, one of our coffee experts will get back to you as soon as possible. He listens to your needs and understands your environment, answering your questions and suggesting the right Jura machine andcoffee to suit your tastes!

With Javry, you receive your machine quickly. In fact, we have most of Jura’s professional machines in stock. We can deliver within 4 to 6 days, depending on the availability of our installers.

A Jura-approved installer comes to your office to install your new machine. If you have opted for a Jura machine connected to running water, he will also connect it.

What is the operating rate, you say? This is the percentage of a machine’s operation over a year.


We keep a close eye on our customers’ machines. We’ve analysed the figures, and the Jura machines placed with our customers have a higher operating rate than other brands, with 94% uptime!



This represents a working machine 343 days a year, which is not bad when you consider that there are 253 working days in France, 252 in Belgium and 250 in Luxembourg.

Whether you need 10 or 200 cups a day, there’s a Jura machine to suit your needs.


In the event of a problem (because it can happen), our customer service is available from 9am to 5pm by phone, email and Whatsapp, Monday to Friday.



If on-site intervention is required, a technician will be on site within 48 hours to repair or replace your machine. So you can be sure of always having a working machine!

For your coffee:
By reducing the supply chain to a minimum, our quality/price ratio is excellent, while at the same time promoting the work of coffee growers. A cup costs around €0.25, compared with €0.45 for capsule coffee. It’s 45% cheaper.


For your machine:
We offer coffee machines from €14.90 to €118.90 per month. Prices vary according to your needs, consumption, machine size, etc. Thanks to our agile, digital structure, our operating costs are low, enabling us to offer you rental machines at competitive prices.

We buy our coffees directly from the growers, without going through the stock markets, in order to guarantee them fair and equitable remuneration.

We roast our coffee by hand every week, to guarantee top-quality, ultra-fresh coffee.

Our coffee follows the seasons and is delivered in OK Biobased bags. 10% of our coffee is transported by sail from producing countries. Our goal is to achieve 50% imported coffee by 2025.

For your coffee:
Once you have placed your order, we will deliver within 72 hours. Between us, it’s more like 48 hours than 72 💪

For your machine:
Once your quotation has been accepted, we will come and install your new machine within 4 to 6 days.

Need help choosing the perfect Jura machine for your office?

We’d be delighted to advise you! Request a no-obligation quote and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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