Total traceability

Direct sourcing

Our coffees come from responsible sourcing which insists on a direct relationship between the coffee farmers and you.

Working in this way makes it possible to establish long-term relationships and to build a respective confidence between the coffee farmer and the roaster.

It is therefore the best way to guarantee you an excellent quality of coffee, at an affordable price, while valuing the essential work of producers on their farms.

We now work in direct with 12 farms (100% of our range of coffees).

Direct sourcing

Sourcing seen by Javry

The 4 fundamentals

Sustainable agriculture

Our producers own their land and most of the time live on site. This increases their desire to respect their culture and make the most of it.

A fair price

We wish to value the work and know-how of the coffee farmers, while offering an affordable price to our customers. Our coffees are therefore bought at a price that allows coffee growers to live from their activity.

An affordable quality

By keeping the supply chain to a minimum the quality/price ratio for the customer is ideal, while at the same time valuing the work of the coffee farmers.

Total transparency

We visit partner coffee farmers at least once every two years. As a result you know where your coffee comes from, how it was produced and what is its history.

From the plantation to your cup

Our supply chain

  1. Coffee farmers

    Coffee farmers are at the root of everything, they cultivate their land and harvest the coffee. We visit them at least once every 2 years.
  2. Cooperative

    Producers come together as a cooperative to finance and share expensive infrastructures to process coffee cherries.
  3. Sourcer

    We import the coffee via our partner sourcer Belco. It works in direct and guarantees producers a fixed purchase price of 75% above the stock market price.
  4. Roaster

    We roast our coffee by hand in Belgium every week. Each roasting is unique in order to extract the best aromas from each coffee.
  5. Consumer

    You consume a quality product while contributing to a fairer society!

Your impact

Coffee farmers

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