Javry coffee supplier

Coffee solution for multi-site companies

The easy, ethical and eco-responsible coffee break for large groups and multi-site projects

Machines à café Jura pour entreprise
They enjoy our coffees every day
We told you it was simple

The all-in-one coffee solution

State-of-the-art machines

Choose your coffeemakers for every space from a catalog of renowned brands.


Proactive and responsive maintenance, and attentive customer service. We're here for you!

Ethical and eco-responsible coffee

Drink coffee grown with respect for the earth and for which producers have received a fair pay.

Multi-site management

The task is simplified with grouped orders, grouped invoices and a general dashboard for your offices in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

To each their own

Compose your fleet of machines to suit your spaces

Coffee corners

Machines to gather around!

Executive offices

Small and quiet designer machines

Meeting rooms

High-speed, high-throughput machines

Plants and workshops

Robust machines offering up to 35 different beverages

A professional supplier at your side every step of the way

Maintenance assured

International coverage

Our maintenance service operates rapidly in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

icone livraison rapide de café

Quick response

A technician intervenes within 24 to 48 hours, and replaces the machine if necessary.

Preventive service

Once a year, we carry out technical maintenance to ensure that your machines perform as well as they did on day one.

Good in the cup, for the earth and for coffee farmers

Coffee at the heart of your values

It’s more than just a break between colleagues: for companies, coffee is becoming a marker of their CSR strategy and their commitment to the earth and coffee producers.

Javry coffee is the guarantee of a coffee sourced as ethically and ecologically as possible.

All delivered to your door at the frequency of your choice. Easy and good.

The same quality for all your sites

Easy multi-site management

Bundled invoices

We're not into chasing bills. So we've grouped all yours in one place, whatever the office.

Customizable access levels

You decide whether users have global account access, or local account access.

Group orders

As with invoices, your orders are grouped together to make life easier for your Office Managers.

Beyond the cup

Complete your coffee corner

Water fountains

Still or sparkling? No matter your choice, water coolers are a must for canteens and cafés.

Customized furniture

Welcome visitors, customers and staff with a warm, elegant coffee area.

Coffee corner extras

Herbal teas, tea, milk, cookies… Put it all in a single order.  

Why Javry coffee?

By choosing Javry coffee, you're helping to create stable jobs and sustainable farming practices in coffee-producing countries.
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Javry: tried, tested and approved

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