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Offer a wide choice of hot drinks in the office with a hot beverage vending machine

Machines à café et distributeurs de boissons chaudes

High-speed machines

Our selection of hot beverage vending machines

Uninterrupted quality coffee and hot drinks

A complete solution

Maintenance service

Whether you rent or buy, you can rest assured that your equipment will always be up and running:
  • 48-hour repair service
  • Replacement machine
  • Proactive annual maintenance
  • Customer support by phone, Whatsapp or email


You offer a wide choice of hot beverages, mainly organic and fair-trade:

  • Coffees (ristretto, espresso, lungo, …)
  • Dairy drinks (cappuccino, macchiato, etc.)
  • Hot chocolate (cocoa)
  • Gourmet drinks (caramel cappuccino, hazelnut coffee, etc.)
  • Soups
  • Hot water for tea

Online management

Our digital approach makes your life easier:

  • Automatic deliveries and online ordering
  • Automatic payments (SEPA or credit card)
  • Online invoices and credit notes
  • Real-time support via livechat and Whatsapp
Choosing the right vending machine

What to look out for when choosing a vending machine?

When looking for a multi-drink dispenser, first assess your needs in terms of coffee consumption volume. Typically, between 1.5 and 2.5 cups per person per day in the office.

Think about the different hot drinks you want to offer.

Finally, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need a payment system?
  • Disposable cups or reusable mugs?
  • What size of machine do I need?
  • A large stand-alone machine or
  • a more compact, table-top model?

The service

How does Javry work?

Support and selection

Our coffee experts will help you find the right coffee vending machine and define the list of hot beverages for your office.

Preparation and set up

Our technical team prepares your vending machine in our workshop and sets it up for you according to the coffee you choose, the hot beverages you wish to offer, the customizable screen, ...

Installation and first coffee!

A few days later, a technician comes to install your new coffee dispenser. If necessary, they also take care of the water connection. A few minutes later, you can enjoy your first coffee!

Maintenance and support

In the event of a problem, our technical support team is available by phone, Whatsapp and email. If necessary, we can intervene on site within 48 hours and provide a replacement dispenser.

Automated coffee delivery

Cross "order coffee" off your to-do list. You receive your coffee, cocoa, milk and other products automatically, at the frequency you like. And it's adjustable at any time, of course.

Ethical and eco-friendly

Javry coffee is sourced directly from producers who practice sustainable agriculture. They are paid fairly for their work.


Frequently asked questions

We often tend to confuse them, but there are many differences between these two types of machine: size, functionality, use, maintenance… But they do have one thing in common: they both offer coffee!

The professional coffee machine, also known as an automatic coffee machine, generally works with coffee beans. Compared to a coffee vending machine, it generally offers better-quality coffee. It’s often found in small and medium-sized businesses, on the countertop. This is known as a table-top machine. It requires more regular maintenance than a vending machine.

The coffee dispenser is a largefree-standing coffee machine that works with either coffee beans or freeze-dried coffee. You’ll find this kind of machine in train stations lobbies, hospitals and large companies. You have a wide choice of hot drinks, from black coffee to lire gourmet options with milk, hot chocolates and soups… The two advantages of the coffee dispenser over the table-top coffee machine are ease of maintenance and large capacity.

You have 2 options for financing your coffee vending machine: leasing at a fixed monthly cost, or buying outright. Here are the advantages of each option.

Rental advantages

When you rent your dispenser with Javry, you benefit from several advantages:

  • low monthly costs
  • 48-hour breakdown service
  • annual maintenance
  • automatic coffee delivery (adjustable to your consumption, of course!)

Benefits of purchasing

  • As the owner of your distributor, you have total control over the coffee supplier, with no exclusive contracts. As for the maintenance contract, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to take one out.
  • What’s more, buying a coffee dispenser is more economical in the long run. You can amortize the initial investment over several years of use.

On the market, you can find either one or the other. At Javry, on the other hand, we only offer vending machines with beans, because the quality is so much better.

There’s plenty to choose from! Hot drinks vending machines can offer :

  • Black coffees (ristretto, espresso, lungo, americano, …)
  • Coffees with milk (cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, …)
  • Gourmet drinks (hazelnut coffee, caramel cappuccino, etc.)
  • Hot water for tea (at various temperatures)
  • Cocoa and hot chocolate
  • Soups

You can also choose fresh milk or powdered milk (article in French) to make dairy specialties.

There are several options available:

  • with coins, with a change machine
  • with a bank card (contactless)
  • with tokens
  • with a badge
  • with a rechargeable card

Rental: the price of the coffee dispenser ranges from €90 to €300 per month, excluding VAT. The type and size of the vending machine influence the price.

Purchase: the price varies between €2,000 and €7,000 plus VAT.

Table-top: Javry coffee machines are on average 33 cm wide, 46 cm high and 47.5 cm deep. Of course, these dimensions vary depending on the machine model.



In vending machines: we’re talking about free-standing coffee vending machines, such as those found in the break rooms of large companies, hospitals, railway stations… These are large “cupboard” type machines, 1m wide by 2m high.

Javry is a supplier of coffee machines and coffee machines specializing in the corporate and public sectors. We deliver anywhere in Belgium, France and Luxembourg within 72 hours.

Although we specialize in the corporate sector, our service is also open to the hotel and catering industry. However, please note that our maintenance service is available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

The best hot beverage solution for your employees and customers

Whether you’re a VSE, SME, large corporation, NPO or public body, Javry will meet your caffeine needs with efficiency and simplicity.

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