Ecology is an integral part of our vision. Both in our products and in our project management.

Eco-management at Javry

The 6 elements

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture

Our producers are part of a sustainable agriculture approach, concerned about nature.

Eco-responsible packaging

Eco-responsible packaging

Our coffee is packed in environmentally friendly packaging or simply delivered in bulk.

Biodegradable capsules

Biodegradable capsules

Our capsules OK Compost and OK Biobased can follow the path of industrial compost.

Organic coffees

Organic coffees

50% of our sales are organic coffees, labelled BIO by the Certisys control body.
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Circular economy

Circular economy

In our workshop we give to your machines a second life and use solid reusable containers to transport the coffee.

Label Entreprise Ecodynamique

Label Entreprise Ecodynamique

This label highlights our eco-management approach and our motivation to reduce Javry's environmental impact.

Not convinced yet?

Some examples


Our eco-challenges

New packaging bio-sourced

February 2019

We have found an environmentally friendly alternative to our historic black plastic packages. Our new packaging is made of kraft paper with a thin bio-sourced plastic film. We were awarded of the 4-star OK Biobased label for this innovation.

Reusable boxes for transport

January 2020

We purchased several hundred solid reusable boxes. These boxes are used to transport and store our coffee, allowing us to stop using disposable cardboard boxes.

Cardboard packaging for our capsules

August 2020

No more aluminium bags ! Our biodegradable capsules are now packaged in cardboard boxes.

Label Entreprise Écodynamique

October 2020

This label is an official recognition that enhances the value of our actions in eco-management: soft mobility, waste reduction, rational use of energy, ...

A first coffee imported by sail

November 2020

Our Ecosierra coffee is our very first coffee imported by sail, directly from Colombia.

Healthy and Belgian snacks

January 2021

To satisfy the small hungers at work or at home we will soon be offering healthy snacks in line with our values.

Deliveries by bike

June 2021

We will offer bicycle deliveries to further reduce our impact on the environment and on the air pollution. First in Brussels then in the rest of Belgium.


Full carbon footprint

December 2021

To continue to improve we need to know our current impact precisely. We will therefore carry out and publish a complete carbon footprint of the company.


Transport of green coffee by sail

June 2025

The maritime transport of coffee is a major contributor to the carbon emissions of our business. By 2025 we will import 50% of our coffees by container ship.

Challenge us!

Your opinion interests us

Far from being perfect, we question our project every day to improve it in a greener way. Your proposals and comments are welcome!