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Complete coffee solution for small and medium-sized businesses

A professional coffee machine, with annual servicing, responsive maintenance and delicious coffee.

Machines à café Jura pour entreprise
They drink javry coffee every day
The ideal professional coffee supplier

A simple & comprehensive coffee solution

Responsible coffee

Sourced directly from coffee growers, our coffees are also roasted by hand.

State-of-the-art grain milling machine

Reliable and easy to use, your machine prepares your coffee in seconds.

Maintenance assured

Annual maintenance, 48-hour turnaround, loan machine replacement and remote support.

Call back within 24h – Free quote

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Our most popular coffee machines

From €57/month

Jura WE8

  • 15 to 30 employees
  • 16 specialities available, including milk drinks
  • Easy to maintain
From €76/month

Jura X10

  • 30 to 60 employees
  • 35 specialities available, including Cold Brew
  • Ideal for small business coffee corners
Machine professionnelle Rhea Business Line
From €93/month

Rhea Business Line

  • Numerous beverages: coffee, chocolate, soup, cappuccino, etc.
  • Ideal for large offices, breakfast rooms or seminar areas
  • Connected to mains water
A coffee supplier at your side

Outstanding maintenance

48-hour turnaround

A problem with the machine? We intervene within two working days.

Never without a machine

In the event of a serious problem, we'll lend you a replacement machine while yours is being repaired.

Uptime record

The selected machine brands have a higher-than-average operating rate.


Ethical and eco-friendly coffees

café bio du guatemala



This 100% Arabica coffee has a well-balanced body, with intense aromas and chocolate notes. Pleasant on the palate, it’s low in caffeine, has little bitterness, is easily digestible and not too full-bodied.

café blend rwanda et brésil

Nguvu Espresso

Blend (Rwanda and Brazil)
Toasted bread

Designed for espressos, this blend has a powerful, balanced and generous body with notes of cocoa, hazelnut and toast.

café bio du pérou

Condor Bio


100% Arabica, this Peruvian coffee has notes of hazelnut, wood, caramel and almond. Lemony and floral flavors are also present.

Good for the cup, the planet and producers

Enjoy a fairtrade coffee at work

Respect for producers

We buy directly from producers and cooperatives, without going through the stock markets.


Some coffees are grown in agroforestry. Our bags are biosourced, with the OK Biobased label.


50% of our coffees are certified organic.


Thanks to direct sourcing, our coffees are affordable yet ethical and of the highest quality.

icone grain de café

Artisanal roasting

Our coffees are roasted weekly using a slow, artisanal process.

Sailing transport

By the end of 2024, 20% of our coffees will be transported by sail from Brazil and Colombia.

Step by step

Are you already equipped?

An automatic machine and coffee beans, plain and simple

An certified technician comes to your offices to install and configure the machine. Your coffee is delivered automatically by post.

A quote request, and after?

Call from your account manager

Within 24 hours of your request for a quote, our sales team will call you to fully understand your coffee situation.

Sending the quote

You'll receive your quote online within 48 hours. You can accept it online in just a few clicks.

Preparation and installation

Your machine is configured in the workshop. A technician then comes and installs it in your office. Now you can enjoy a cup of Javry coffee!

According to your ideal frequency

Your coffee orders are automatically delivered to your door.

Ethical and eco-friendly coffee

You already have a machine but want to drink coffee that’s good for you, good for the planet and good for the producers? It’s over here!

A quote request, and after?

Call from your account manager

Within 24 hours of your quote request, our sales team will call you to understand your needs.

Sending the quote

You'll receive your quote by email within 48 hours. You accept it online and validate your first test order.

Receiving your order

Your parcel is delivered to your office, and you can enjoy your first Javry coffee with your colleagues!

According to your ideal frequency

Your coffee orders are programmed and delivered automatically to your door!

Our customers

Javry: tried, tested and approved

Why Javry coffee?
By choosing Javry coffee, you're helping to create stable jobs and sustainable farming practices in coffee-producing countries.

Our other solutions

Self-employed and VSE solutions

For small teams and freelancers, a solution tailored to your needs.

Large-company solutions

For multi-site projects and companies with more than 250 employees, we offer a range of machines adapted to each space.

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