Javry coffee supplier
Ideal for small businesses and freelancers

Coffee solutions for the self-employed and small businesses

Focus on your business, we'll take care of the coffee corner.


An easy, comprehensive solution

Coffee delivered to your door

You choose your preferred coffee, delivery frequency and quantity. We'll bring it to you.

Maintenance assured

An online support base, our customer service and our technicians ensure that your machines run smoothly.

Sturdy, designer machines

Delicious coffee in every cup, and a machine that lasts.


Ethical and eco-friendly coffees


Bio 🌱
Chocolate 🍫
Balanced ⚖️

This 100% Arabica coffee has a well-balanced body, with intense aromas and chocolate notes. Pleasant on the palate, it’s low in caffeine, has little bitterness, is easily digestible and not too full-bodied.

Nguvu Espresso

Blend (Rwanda and Brazil)
Cocoa ☕
Hazelnut 🌰
Toast 🍞

Designed for espressos, this blend has a powerful, balanced and generous body with notes of cocoa, hazelnut and toast.

Condor Bio

Bio 🌱
Caramel 🍮
Lemon 🍋

100% Arabica, this Peruvian coffee has notes of hazelnut, wood, caramel and almond. Lemony and floral flavors are also present.

Guaranteed machine uptime

Your assistance contract

icone livraison rapide de café

48-hour replacement

If something goes wrong, we intervene quickly, and if it's serious, a replacement machine is installed within 48 hours.

icone support client réactif

Live assistance

By Whatsapp, email or phone, it's Damien on the other end of the line, and he's there to help you Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Outside opening hours, you have access to our support platform, full of tips and videos, available 24 hours a day.

Join us

The right package for you


Melitta Purista

Compact size

Quiet shredder

Variable grind size

From 1 to 5 employees

Leasing from

Jura E4

Easy maintenance 

High durability

Maintenance and servicing included

5 to 10 employees

Leasing from

Jura E8

Dairy drinks available

Energy-saving mode

Maintenance and servicing included

5 to 10 employees

Why Javry coffee?

By choosing Javry coffee, you're helping to create stable jobs and sustainable farming practices in coffee-producing countries.
Whether you already own a machine or not, we welcome you!

How does it work?

An automatic machine and coffee beans, plain and simple

A quote request, and after?

We will call you within 24 hours

Together, we define the best solution for you: coffee, machines, water fountains, etc. We listen to you and help you define what's right for your business!

You receive a quote within 48 hours

The quote can be viewed online. You can modify it according to the different options offered, and directly see the impact on the final price.

We configure your machine

Once the quotation has been accepted, our certified technicians will adjust your coffee machine to suit your needs.

Plug & play

Once configured, the machine is sent to you with all the information you need to install it. Once plugged in, you're ready to drink your first coffee!

I switch to Javry coffies

Within 24 hours, you receive your first coffee order. We deliver throughout Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Discovering the coffees

Explore our coffee ranges and choose from bean-to-cup or ground coffees.

I order

You choose your favorite and receive it a few days later.

I enjoy!

Your parcel is delivered to your office, and you can enjoy your first Javry coffee with your colleagues!

I subscribe

Want more? Subscribe and receive your coffee at the frequency of your choice!

tonnes of coffee roasted

That’s as much ethical and eco-responsible coffee in your hands in 2023.

million cups

Whether espresso or long, 5 million cups of Javry coffee were served in 2023!


50% of our sales are organic coffees, certified BIO by Certisys.


Our other solutions

Coffee solutions for SMEs

For companies with more than 10 employees, we offer bean-to-cup machines, coffee delivered to the office, 48-hour breakdown assistance and annual maintenance.

Coffee solutions for large companies

For multi-site projects and companies with more than 250 employees, choose the right machines for each coffee corner.

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