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A well-balanced and vigorous body with notes of praline chocolate.

Origine: Olopa, Chiquimula (Guatemala)
Variété: 100% Arabica: Bourbon, Catuaï et Caturra
Producteur: Coopérative Cuna Chorti
Altitude: 1300-1500m
Gamme: Premium
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Aromatic Profile

This 100% arabica coffee presents a well-balanced cup, just vigourous enough and we can find subtle chocolates aroma's.

profil aromatique café Chorti


The Chorti coffee is harvested in the moutain area of the Chiquimula department since the 50's. This region, once belonging to the poorest and most isolated in Guatemala, is now growing well thanks to coffee production.

The region of Oriente (East Guatemala) is situated on an old volcanic chain and has a cloudy and rainy climate.
This duo ground-climate makes it a particularly favourable zone for growing Arabica.

origine café chorti

Region Profile
  • Temperature: 18 - 25°C
  • Precipitations: 1800 - 2000mm
  • Humidity: 70 - 80%
  • Altitude: 1300 - 1700 metres

café chorti

The Chorti cooperative

Founded in 1999 the cooperative La Cuna Chorti is situated in Esquipulas East of Guatemala and is composed of a 120 families.

The work within the cooperative is based on the principles of solidarity and mutual help. It belongs to its cooperators and the goal is to promote personal development according to each one's needs.

The cooperative regroups productors coming from 3 different zones : Equipulas' and Olopas' communities from Chiquimula departement and La Unión community from Zacapa department. The average surface area per associate is around 1.4 ha.

producteurs café chorti
4 producers accompagnied by Dimitri, Chorti responsible in Belgium

On a more practical point of view, the goal of the members is to produce a coffe of the best quality possible while respecting environment and garanteeing a decent and sustainable source of revenue for the producers' families.

La Cuna Chorti, thanks to common and mutual efforts, wants to offer a beter future to its associates.
Its mission is to also to offer innovative solutions to its cooperators thanks to professional and personnalized services.

You can find more information on the Chorti cooperative on their offical website.

Javry is en official online distributor of Chorti products.


This coffee has been roasted by a Belgian craftsman according to a slow baking technique allowing the grains to take a harmonious shade without losing their precious aromas.

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