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Condor BIO

Un délicieux café du Pérou 100% arabica

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This coffee presents notes of hazelnut, wood, caramel and almond. There are also lemony and floral flavors.

Origin: Huabal, Jaen, Cajamarca (Peru)
Variety: 100% Arabica (Catimor, Caturra, Typica & Pache)
Grower: Coopagro Asociación
Altitude: 1350-1900m

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1 bag from 5 to 9 from 10 to 24 25 bags and +
250g - Whole 7,90 7,45 7,60 7,17 7,60 7,17 7,60 7,17
250g - Ground 7,90 7,45 7,60 7,17 7,60 7,17 7,60 7,17
1 Kg - Whole 25,92 24,45 25,39 23,95 24,86 23,45 24,33 22,95
1 Kg - Ground 25,92 24,45 25,39 23,95 24,86 23,45 24,33 22,95
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This coffee has been roasted by a Belgian craftsman according to a slow baking technique allowing the grains to take a harmonious shade without losing their precious aromas.


This coffee comes from four different varieties of the Arabica Typica plant: Catimor, Caturra, Typica & Pache. The beans are harvested by hand, then processed using the fully washed process and finally dried in the sun on patio's.

séchage de café par voie humide


The Condor coffee is originated from Peru in the province of Jaén situated in the region of Cajamarca and more precisely on the Huabal territory at the extreme North of Peru near Ecuador's borders. The coffee productors in the region often only possess around 2 ha of land. These small volumes of coffee make it almost impossible to export as an independant productor. That is why they decided to unite around the Sol & Café cooperative in order to export. This coffee is then regrouping productions of 6 different farms called " cafetales" situated in high altitude. The coffee is first transformed by the farmers themselves and then sold to the cooperative as parchment coffee and then Sol & Café takes care of the hulling, packaging and constitution of batches.


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