Our mission

Accelerate responsible coffee consumption.

Coffee farmers

Direct sourcing

All the coffees follow this philosophy!

Fair prices, valued coffee farmers
The quality of the coffee is our main purchasing criterion because we want to enhance the value of our products and the work of coffee farmers. We pay them on average 75% more than the price of the coffee on the stock exchange.
Fewer intermediaries, more transparency
By keeping the supply chain to a minimum, the price/quality ratio is ideal while at the same time valuing the work of the coffee farmers.
Complete traceability
We visit partner coffee farmers at least once every two years. As a result you know where your coffee comes from, how it was produced and what its history is.


Organic, seasonal and 100% Arabica coffees.

Organic coffee
50% of the coffees sold are organic. Organic coffee
Seasonal coffee
The coffee cherry is a fruit that grows according to the seasons. Our coffee menu evolves in line with the rhythm of nature and harvests.
100% arabica
All the coffee are 100% Arabica, except for our special espresso blend.
Bags of green coffee


Belgian et artisanal!

All the coffees are roasted in a unique way in Belgium every week.

We offer you the best possible roasting for each coffee with the greatest possible regularity.

The roasted beans are sent to you only a few days after roasting.

You can always enjoy a delicious freshly roasted coffee at any time and promoting the local economy!

Artisanal coffee roasting

Quality control

Coffee cupping

Whether during the coffee selection, the import or the roasting, we control every step of the process to obtain the best possible quality for the coffees we offer.

The ultimate quality control lies in cupping, a moment which allows us to validate the quality of freshly roasted coffees, but also to validate the roasting profiles of future coffees.

Coffee cupping

The different grindings available

Grinding refers to the way in which the coffee bean is ground.

More than 15 origins

There's definitely a coffee waiting for you!

Range: Classic Premium Exception

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