High-quality coffee machines

An exceptional coffee has to be prepared with an exceptional coffee machine.
That's why we chose to work with Jura and their qualitative automatic coffee machines.

Official supplier of Jura machines

Coffee beans

Unlike other coffee types (instant, frozen, ground, caps, etc.), using coffee beans ensures you a coffee with a superior taste as all the aromas of an exceptional product until the very last moment.

Fast machines

A simple touch on a button and your machine will grind the beans and prepare a delicious cup of coffe in a few seconds.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning a machine takes approximately 15 minutes per week and can be done by a 6-years old child. Moreover, thanks to its intelligent system, the machine tells you when it needs to be cleaned or emptied.

Machine renting

You get a coffee machine in the office without any hassle. The monthly rental price includes:

  • Installation: We install the vending machine in your offices and we train your staff to handle the weekly maintenance of the machine.
  • Maintenance: in the event of a technical problem, we fix the machine or replace it within 48 hours.
  • Cleaning products: We provide automatically all necessary cleaning products without extra charges.

We also offer to deliver the coffee needed by your beloved employees.

Jura WE6 coffee machine
Machine à café Jura WE6

Machine purchase

All our machines and vending machines are available for sale. We cover needs from 5 to 200 cups per day per machine.

Discover our different machines and their features below.

Do not hesitate to ask for a free quote.

Our professional coffee machines

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