A coffee supplier who wants you well

Boost the mood and productivity of your employees thanks to good coffee

A state of the art coffee machine

Reliable, simple and ergonomic, your machine prepares your Javry coffees in a few seconds at the touch of a button. Discover the machines

Delicious and responsible coffee

The coffees we offer are of high quality, roasted by hand in Belgium and sourced directly from coffee growers' cooperatives. Understand Javry quality

An exceptional maintenance service

Intervention within 48 hours, loan machine at the office, after-sales service, remote assistance... the whole package! Discover our maintenance service

Easy and efficient management

Javry has been developed to simplify your office coffee management.. Our platform helps you 24 hours a day ! Discover our digital service

A complete coffee supplier

We're a coffee supplier offering a complete coffee solution. In addition to our fairtrade coffee, we can also supply other products like cocoa, tea, sugar and chocolate, recycled coffee cups, soups, etc. Secondly, we also have professional automatic coffee machines, for renting or purchase. Last but not least, you can manage everything online thanks to our platform: schedule and automate your coffee deliveries, pay your invoices online, access guides and tutorials for your coffee machines, etc.

Originally coffee supplier in Brussels, today we fuel clients everywhere in Belgium: Brussels, Liège, etc.