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BIO - Cocla - Quillabamba, Pérou

BIO - Cocla - Quillabamba, Pérou Premium

A very aromatic coffee that presents a nice freshness. The mouth is firstly fruity with notes of grapefruit. Notes of cardamom and ginger at the end of the mouth.


BIO - Santa Fé - Chiapas, Mexique

BIO - Santa Fé - Chiapas, Mexique Premium

A gently lemony nose and an aromatic heart of hazelnut and chocolate. Its round body presents hints of caramel and chocolate with a finish marked by a hint of vanilla.


Blend Nguvu

Blend Nguvu Premium


Rwenzori, Ouganda

Rwenzori, Ouganda Premium

A harmonious coffee with a tropical fruity profile with notes of mango, passion fruit and apple. Very expressive and unusual coffee, sometimes called "Mon Cherry" , you can maybe guess why..! Advice: coffee experts only :)