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Ayutepeque - Ilamatepec, Salvador

Ayutepeque - Ilamatepec, Salvador Premium

A very successful blend of natural and fully-washed. A nicely present body, a fairly light acidity and an attractive length in the cup. Its flavours breathe fruity notes of pear and pineapple. You will appreciate its light dried fruit and aniseed aromas.


Blend Nguvu

Blend Nguvu Premium


Serra do Cigano - Mococa, Brésil

Serra do Cigano - Mococa, Brésil Premium

This sweet coffee, with its fragrant almond and citrus fruit bouquet, offers notes of chocolate, cocoa and lemon in the cup. It has a round body and a length that evolves into smoother notes of caramel.


Titus - Kibumbwe, Cyangugu, Rwanda

Titus - Kibumbwe, Cyangugu, Rwanda Premium

A flattering bouquet with strong notes of honey and vanilla. In the cup, it offers a full-bodied liqueur with plum and dark chocolate flavours. As it cools, the coffee becomes more fruity, making the cup richer and more intricate.