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Origin: Kivu (Congo (Dem. Rep.))
Variety: 100% Arabica
Grower: Coopérative Coméqui
Altitude: 1400m

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What is Comequi ?

Since its creation in 2008 and regardless of the security situation of region, the non-profit organisation Comequi pursues its goal of autonomy and development of the rural population along the lake of Kivu and more specifically in the region of Minova in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Thanks to its efforts, Comequi allows to the inhabitants of Minova to take action regarding sustainable development in order to increase their revenus and improve their quality of life.

Comequi counts today 17 volunteers in Belgium, 21 permanent members in China and 40 seasonal members specifically for the coffee.

The projects

Comequi has been committed to the following projects:

Support the farmers

With Comequi’s support, the local residents switch from farming as means of existence to commercial farming for the cultivated commodity. This goals is achieved by mechanization (tractor) and the usage of the pirogue to convey the commodities. This contribution allow to help approximately 240 families and manage nearby 16 hectares.

Support the schools

By the creation of a vegetable garden of 3 hectares in 2 primary schools, Comequi benefits the nutrition of 2000 students. Moreover, by selling the garden’s excess food, they can help with a financial participation for the student’s tuition fees and the purchase of the school equipment.

Support to vulnerable women

Through the intermediary of the local non-profit organisation MRDE, the women victim of the regional violence are grouped in groups of 25 persons. In those groups, they are supported in the development of their commercial activities. In order to do so, a sewing school was created and training in apiculture are being organized. Moreover, some women receive cattle (11 goats in 2 villages) while others are helped in the making of bread and corporal soap.

Support to the hospital of Minova

Comequi provides assistance for the quest of equipment supplies and works for the expansion of the Minova hospital that counts today approximately 75 beds for a surrounding population of 220 000 inhabitants.

Guesthouse « Ziwahouse »
Ziwahouse Comequi

Comequi financed the construction of a guesthouse composed of 8 rooms and 2 meeting rooms. This house welcomes the members of the Comequi team, NGOs, local and international non-profit organisations. This place wants to be the focal point of the economic, social and pedagogical actions for the region.

Bike for Comequi

From 28 May 2017 to the 4th of June 2017, Comequi organized a bike trail of 170km in the heart of Kivu, one of fauna’s and flora’s paradise, in order to collect funds. The collected funds will grant the construction of the new washing station in the north of Minova.

Café Comequi

Coffee Comequi

Along the lake of Kivu more than 1400 coffee producers regrouped to form the AMKA cooperation. This allows them to organise themselves administratively and financially in order to obtain the Fair-trade certification, form their members and promote their products among Belgian roasters. As of today, nine breeding places have distributed freely near to 1.400.000 coffee plants of the best varieties for the small cultivators thanks to which they are able to produce high quality arabica coffee. In order to treat this big amount of beans, a modern washing station and a pulper have been acquired allowing the coffee farmers to produce in better conditions and get a proper wage for their work.

While enjoying this coffee, amateurs are instantly carried away by their 5 senses and will discover colors, scents, tastes, the intensity and the fullness proper to this country-continent.

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