Frères du Noun - Bafoussam, Cameroun

Frères du Noun - Bafoussam, Cameroun

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The Frères du Noun is an estate you already know well as we have now been offering their coffees for 5 years.

The Frères du Noun Estate is located in the West of Cameroon, in the department of Noun, between the Bamending and the Petpenoun lake, in the Kingdom of Bamoun. Created in 1931, the plantation witnessed a long period of abandon until 2004 when it was bought by two brothers, in love with Cameroon and coffee, Jacques and Patrick Desplaces.

Located 1100m above sea level, the estate is particularly interesting due not only to its terroir but also the varietal selected, Java. The plantation was completely replanted with the arabica variety Java between 2006 and 2009 after being advised by CIRAD expert Didier Snoeck and former producer M. Drotz. It is now composed of 63 hectares, spread over a basalt-rich volcanic terroir, giving the coffee its acidity.

The coffee is exclusively harvested by hand by 250 people, cherry by cherry, from October to January. The Frères du Noun and Belco are currently working on a continuous improvement project in which Belco provides technical advise to improve the quality of these coffees, as well as training in new processes to make up the microlots.

Tasting note

Floral and spicy nose. A highly expressive coffee in the mouth with well-balanced aromas of grape, chocolate and caramel.


Origin: Bafoussam, Noun (Cameroon)
Variety: 100% Arabica (Java)
Grower: Les Frères du Noun (Jacques et Patrick Desplaces)
Altitude: 1150m
Range: Premium
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