Jura Cleaning tabs - 25 pieces

25 Jura 2-phases cleaning tablets

Box of 25 Jura 2-phases cleaning tablets

Price: 33,28 27,50 excl. VAT
Good to know: A box of 6 cleaning tablets is available too.

The Jura cleaning tabs were specially developed for the integrated cleaning program of the Jura coffee machines.

Why should I use the JURA cleaning tablets?

Those 2 in 1 cleaning tabs are made to maintain your machine and ensure an ever optimal coffee quality! The JURA laboratories designed this type of 2 in 1 cleaning tablets to optimize your machine's protection! Every tablet cleans AND protects it with a thin layer to make sure coffee grease and other residues do not stick to your coffee machine's inner parts. The advantae of the Jura cleaning tabs : You will be able to clean and protect your machine by a single touch of a button. Thanks to the integrated cleaning program, the machine will clean itself in a few minutes and you will be able to enjoy a delicious coffee! Note : Always use the official JURA 2 in 1 cleaning tablets with your Jura Coffee Machine: they are the only ones to be perfectly adapted to your machine's integrated cleaning program.

Ref: Jura 62535