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Jura cleaning tablet - 6 pieces

Box of six 2-phases cleaning tablets for Jura coffee machine

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Payable with gift vouchers!
Payable with gift vouchers!
Good to know: a box of 25 cleaning tabs is available too.

Cleaning your coffee machine is essential for two reasons: 1. It helps to keep the best coffee taste and 2. A clean and well maintained machine has a longer lifespan! These Cleaning tabs are specially designed for your Jura Coffee machines. The tablets are meant to use following the integrated cleaning programme of your device. Please consult user manual for more details. Jura coffee machines show a message on their screen as soon as they need to be cleaned. Once the cleaning process is complete, don't hesitate to clean the other parts of the machine and rinse them with fresh water (drip tray, coffee ground container,...).

Compatible machines

These cleaning tabs are made for use with every type of Jura coffee machine, at home(A1, ENA, E6, E8, etc.) or at the office (WE6, WE8, XJ6, X6, X8, etc.)

What's the cleaning process? ?

Cleaning a Jura machine is easy: Press the button, insert a cleaning tablet and follow the instructions! You will find detailed instructions in the user manual that you received with the machine or in the machine section of our website!

2 in 1 tablets

Jura developed these tablets with two goals in mind: Cleaning and removing the grease residues from the inner system as well as protecting your beloved coffee machine!

Step 1: Cleaning

Grease and coffee residues are dissolved and removed from the system with the active chemicals in the tablet. System is rinsed with 80°C hot water.

Step 2: Protecting

Once the first step is completed, Step 2 starts automatically: Protection gets going! The second part of the tab dissolves and covers all intern cicuits of the machine with a protective layer.


The Jura Cleaning tabs are phosphate free, just as the descaling tabs. That way, we make sure the environment does not get dirty while your coffee machine gets cleaned!

Ref: Jura 24225
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