Filter cartridge for Melitta Caffeo coffee machine

Filter cartridge for Melitta Caffeo

Claris Pro Aqua x 1

Price: 12,90 10,66 excl. VAT

ThePro Aqua filter cartridge is an official maintenance product for your Melitta Coffee Machine. The filter works with activated carbon and naturally reduces polluting residues as well as limescale from the tap water. Using the Pro Aqua filter will preserve the taste of your coffee and maintain your coffee machine to ensure it lasts longer!


Contains: 1 filter cartridge Warranty: 2 years Net weight: 87 g

User guide and manuals

Are you looking for a user manual for your Melitta Caffeo Solo? On this page, you will find the user manual, video-tutorials and compatible maintenance products for your machine (under the tab "Guides and User Manuals").


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