Claris Pro Smart filter 300L for Jura WE6, WE8, X6 et X8

Claris Pro Smart filter 300L for Jura WE6, WE8, X6 et X8

Filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Smart for Jura machines WE6, WE8, X6 and X8

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The CLARIS Pro Smart water filter removes the limestone contained in the tap water you use to fill the water tank of your coffee machine. Water is filtered each time you make a coffee. Using a filter in your Jura coffee machine has two great advantages: The aroma of the coffee stays pure and is not affected by the taste of tap water and, on the other hand, your coffee machine won't be affected by limescale: It will last longer! Pro Smart filters are perfect for every type of tap water, even the hardest ones. Impurities and limestone particles will be filtered thanks to the filter's granules. Mineral salts and fluorides (which are important flavour enhancers) are preserved. In short, the CLARIS Pro Smart filter cartridge allows you to have an optimal water quality in your machine and thus prepare a coffee with a perfect aroma! The CLARIS Pro Smart has a filtering capacity of 300 litres of water, which is way more than the filtre CLARIS Smart, good for "only" 50 litres. Attention, If you are installing a filter for the first time or changing water supply, do not forget to adjust the water hardness! Refer to the user manual of your machine for further instructions.

Compatible machines:

The Claris Pro Smart filter is compatible with following Jura automatic coffee machines equipped with Intelligent Water System, I.W.S: Compatible machines: Jura WE6 Jura WE8 Jura X6 Jura X8 Jura GIGA X8

3 good reasons to use a water filter

The 3 main reasons to use water filters with your coffee machine:

  1. No more descaling: All the limestone is stopped by the filter and doesn't enter the machine's system
  2. An unaltered taste: the impurities in the water are filtered and do not impact the taste of your coffee
  3. A machine that lasts: impurities and limescale from the water no longer damage your machine

How often do I have to replace the filter?

Claris Pro SMART must be replaced after approximately 300 litres of water went through the system or after 2 months. In every case, your machine will show a message on the screen when the filter needs to be replaced, as explained in the next paragraph.

What's in the name

A CLARIS Pro Smart filter cartridges is, as its name suggests, a smart filter for professional coffee machines. The cartridge sends information to the coffee machine thanks to the RFID technology. Once you install the filter, the machine detects it and switches to filtering mode. The biggest advantage of this system is that the machine automatically shows a message on its screen when the filter needs to be replaced !

How to replace the water filter?

All the necessary instructions about the installation or replacement of the water filter in your Jura machine can be found in the user manual that you received with your coffee machine. If you have lost it, you will find an online version of it in .pdf version at this address:

If your machine does not appear in the list, do not hesitate to take a look at the full list of Jura models. Keywords:

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Ref: Claris 72819
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