3 Claris Blue Filter cartridges for Jura A1, ENA Micro, A7, A9

CLARIS Blue water filters - Pack of 3

For Jura A1, A7, A9, ENA and J90

Claris 71312

Price: 40,95 33,84 excl. VAT

3 CLARIS Blue water filters for household Jura coffee machines.

Use the Claris Blue filter cartridge to remove impurities and limescale from your tap water. This allows you to prepare a coffee without altering its aromas. In addition, by using a filter, you no longer need to run the machine's descaling program!

Be careful, when installing or replacing your Claris Blue filter, be sure to follow the instructions in the user manual of your machine.

The Claris Blue filter should not be confused with the CLARIS Pro Blue filter, which is intended for professional machines (XJ and GIGA lines).

Compatible machines

The CLARIS Blue filter cartridge can be used on JURA automatic machines with a blue filter holder in the water tank:

All machines from the Jura ENA-range (Jura ENA 5, Jura ENA Micro 90, etc.)
All machines from the Jura A-range (Jura A1, Jura A7, Jura A9, etc.)
The Jura F8, F9, F85
Jura Impressa C60
Jura Impressa C65
Jura GIGA 5
Jura J80
Jura J85
Jura J90
Jura J95
Jura J9.4
Jura Z9

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