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Sidama Nensebo BIO

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This traditionally grown forest coffee has an exceptional profile with notes of ginger, vanilla and caramel.

Origin: Sidama (Ethiopia)
Variety: 100% Arabica (Heirloom)
Grower: SNAP
Altitude: Entre 1900 m et 2070 m

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Our Sidama Nensebo coffee is a 100% Arabica (Heirloom) washed organic coffee that has a typical high-end Ethiopian coffee profile (85+).

Grown about 400 km south of Addis Ababa, Sidama Nensebo is considered a forest coffee, as it is produced in a forested environment in the Sidama region. It benefits from the renowned Sidama certification and is organically certified.

On the palate, there is a coffee typical of the Sidama region with delicious notes of ginger, vanilla and caramel.


The production method

Our Nensebo coffee is produced by a group of 588 coffee farmers. The coffee trees are grown in natural wooded areas according to ancient and traditional methods of cultivation , very respectful of nature.

The cherries are harvested just after the rainy season, between October and January. Once the cherries are harvested, they are washed using a wet process before being dried on African mats for 9 to 10 days.


The SNAP producer

We source this Ethiopian coffee from Ato Sisay, manager of the Adis Ababa-based SNAP company. Ato makes it a point to export only batches of high quality coffee, produced in the Yirgacheffe or Guji regions. To guarantee this quality, it had to create a strong relationship of trust with the coffee farmers in these regions. Today, SNAP operates 3 washing stations across Ethiopia. Two of them are in the Gedeo zone and the other in the Guji zone.

SNAP is a company known for its quality and rigorous work. In fact, SNAP has already received several international awards thanks to its coffee.


The geographical location

Sidama Nensebo is a coffee produced at an altitude of about 2000m on fertile highlands in the Nensebo district, about 400 km south of Addis Ababa. Farmers work plots of land in the village of Refisa (where the washing station is also located) and other surrounding villages such as Roricho, Bulga or Solina. It is this wooded area that offers Sidama Nensebo the Sidama certification.


  • Farmer farming
  • Certified organic coffee
  • Sidama A designation
  • Environmentally friendly farming practices
  • Agroforestry


This coffee was roasted in Belgium using an artisanal slow roasting process.

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