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With its impressive length in the mouth, this coffee has sweet notes of almond, hazelnut, coconut and caramel with a hint of lemon.

Origin: Kivu (Congo, The Democratic Republic of the)
Variety: 100% Arabica
Grower: Ferme Kakondo
Altitude: 1500 - 2000m
Coffee_range Classic

Price table

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1 bag from 5 to 9 from 10 to 24 25 bags and +
250g - Whole 6,30 5,94 5,95 5,61 5,95 5,61 5,95 5,61
250g - Ground 6,30 5,94 5,95 5,61 5,95 5,61 5,95 5,61
1 Kg - Whole 21,15 19,95 20,62 19,45 20,09 18,95 19,56 18,45
1 Kg - Ground 21,15 19,95 20,62 19,45 20,09 18,95 19,56 18,45
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Bonobo coffee is produced in the Kivu region, renowned for growing Arabica coffee. Although it does not have the producers officially BIO label, the Bonobo coffee trees are grown and maintained without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In a cup, this coffee has a nice long finish with sweet notes and a slight lemony touch.

Like all coffees at Javry, this coffee was purchased directly from the cooperative in order to ensure fair remuneration for the producers and to avoid too many parties involved between the producer and the consumer.


The production method

Bonobo coffee trees grow under natural shade and no chemical inputs are used. Once mature, the coffee cherries are harvested by hand to be processed, pulped and finally sorted and stored at the Kakondo farm 35 km from the farming areas. In order to have ideal storage conditions, the shipping of green grains is done maximum 3 months after the harvest. Depending on the moisture content of the regions where coffee is produced, several processes for treating green coffee beans are possible. In the case of Bonobo coffee, as the Kivu region is highly humid, the wet processing technique is therefore used. This is known as washed coffee. The geographical area of Kivu and its climatic conditions, the hand harvesting of the cherries and the cultivation without chemical inputs give a very rich taste to this coffee. Enthusiasts and discoverers of great terroirs even speak of a unique vintage for the region!


Geographic location

The Kivu region is located on the shores of Lake Kivu. Its altitude, which varies between 1500m and 2000m, and its rainfall provide ideal conditions for the production of Arabica coffee. The Kivu region has not always produced so much coffee but its rise is closely linked to the arrival of the Belgians in Congo in the 1930s.


Sensory Profile

  • Sweetness : 2/5
  • Acidity : 2/5
  • Length in mouth : 3,5/5


Grain analysis

  • DDensityensité : 728 g/l
  • Moisture content : 11,70%
  • Water activity : 0.64 AW
  • Variability : High (+20%)



This coffee has been roasted in Belgium following a slow roasting process. Discover the advantages of a slow roasting process on our blog!

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