Melitta CI Touch - Black - F630-102

A complete and elegant espresso machine for individuals and small businesses

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Payable with gift vouchers!
Payable with gift vouchers!

The Melitta CI Touch F630 is an espresso machine that lives up to its name! With just one touch you can choose between the pre-set coffee varieties (espresso, long coffee, cappuccino and latte macchiato) but not only. Just as easily you can decide whether your coffee is served with hot milk, milk foam or hot water. 

The CI Touch has many surprises in store for you: a dozen coffee specialties are possible to make for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds. In addition to the pre-set coffees you can prepare 6 other specialties such as lungo, americano, espresso macchiato, etc. 

To prepare all these different coffees it is much easier to have access to several coffee beans at the same time! With the "beans select" this is possible. Melitta has designed a double bean container that allows you to change in an instant. And with the special seal of the Aromasafe lid and the dark color of the double bean container you can be sure that your beans will remain of the best possible quality.

Melitta puts a point of honor on the respect of the recipes and that's why they have developed the "Italian preparation process", it guarantees the respect of the right order of the different steps for the composition of the coffee, according to the original Italian recipes. For example, for a cappuccino, the espresso is added before the milk and the milk foam, whereas it is the opposite for a latte macchiato. 

Melitta has set up an "aroma extraction system" (A.E.S.), the goal is that the aromas present in your favorite coffee are brought forward as much as possible so that you can fully enjoy them! For this, the Miletta team has thought of the "pre-infusion": your freshly ground coffee will be moistened just before the extraction process and the aromas will be enhanced. 

The technology of the PRO AQUA filter cartridge, implemented thanks to the use of the Pro Aqua filter cartridge, allows you to descale your machine only once a year. (This is based on an estimate of six 120 ml cups of coffee per day and six filter changes per year, according to the machine's specifications).

In addition to the various technologies that can be found in this espresso machine, Melitta has created a label to help consumers choose an appliance that guarantees the pleasure of an authentic tasting combined with an ethical way of consumption. To learn more feel free to check out the Melitta website. 


  • New design:
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) ; 25,5 x 34 x 47 cm 
  • High resolution TFT color screen gives clear instructions. 
  • Quiet and very fast grinder.
  • Rotary knob for easy menu navigation.
  • My coffee" memory function: individual settings for up to 4 people can be programmed.
  • All-in-one spout with LED lighting and different coffee nozzles.
  • 2-cup mode: Simultaneous preparation of two cups of many coffee specialties, with and without milk.  
  • 3 brewing temperatures (87°C/90°C/93°C).
  • 4 coffee intensity settings.
  • 5 conical steel grinder settings.
  • Removable water tank with 1.8 L capacity and automatic water level detection.
  • Removable milk preparation system with dishwasher safe external milk tank.
  • Removable extraction chamber.
  • Easy Steam Cleaning: automatic cleaning and descaling programs.
  • Hatch for ground coffee
  • Energy saving function and standby mode
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Practical heated cup holder (passive)
  • Convenient wheels for easy movement of the machine
  • Includes 1 measuring spoon and 1 Melitta Pro Aqua filter cartridge


Also available in silver.




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