Jura E4 - Piano Black - 15435

Automatic coffee machine for individuals or small businesses

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Jura, the famous Swiss manufacturer, is known for offering the best automatic coffee machines on the market. Jura has developed a coffee machine with an ever so elegant design that allows you to get to the heart of enjoying an excellent coffee.

With the new Jura E4, it is possible to prepare 5 drinks: espresso, double espresso, coffee, double coffee and hot water (for tea & co). Using your coffee machine has never been so easy thanks to its icon-based LCD screen and push buttons. 

To get back to the basics and develop each note of your coffee to the maximum, the Jura teams have developed new technologies.

Jura's R&D teams have developed a new grinder, the Aroma Professional Grinder: a high-performance steel grinder that provides a homogeneous grind in record time, without overheating the grind to preserve its aromas. The Jura E4 extracts up to 12.2% more aroma from the coffee beans! You can also refine or thicken the grind according to your preferences. 

The 8th generation brewing unit is a technology developed by Jura. In a conventional machine, the water flows over the freshly ground coffee in a single point. With the 8th generation brewing unit, the entire grind is moistened by 13 flow points placed at different heights. The advantage of this uniform humidification is the extraction of the aroma of each coffee bean and the maximum development of flavors. 

Jura has not only worked on the quality of coffee tasting. The Swiss manufacturer has also improved the ease of use and maintenance of your coffee machine. There are 2 technologies that facilitate its maintenance. The Vacuum Clean technology dries and cleans the inside of the brewing group, which in a standard machine remains full of moisture and coffee residue. This technology also ensures the internal cleaning of the brew group.

In addition to this Vacuum Clean technology, there is also the Intelligent Water System (IWS) which alerts you when your Claris Smart filter needs to be replaced. With the use of filters, there is no need for a descaling program! 

All these technologies make your life easier but most importantly, they extend the life of your coffee machine.

The Jura E4 has other advantages, such as its 280g bean container (that's about 20 cups) with an airtight lid that allows you to keep your coffee beans in good condition. The bean container is doubled with a ground coffee container that allows you to switch easily between the two. This ground coffee hatch is very useful to, for example, prepare a decaffeinated coffee without having to change the coffee beans in the tank!


  • Type of coffee: coffee beans AND ground coffee
  • Number of cups per brewing cycle: 1 or 2
  • Adjustable drip rate: Yes
  • Adjustable coffee strength: Yes
  • Programmable volume: Yes
  • Adjustable water temperature: No
  • Hot water function: Yes
  • Water tank capacity: 1,9 liter
  • Bean container capacity: 280 grams
  • User profiles : No
  • Smartphone application: Yes (Wifi or Smart connect optional)
  • Cup warmer: No
  • Removable water tank : Yes
  • Sleep function : Yes
  • Automatic shut-off : Yes
  • Removable drip tray : Yes
  • Automatic cleaning program : Yes
  • Cleaning indication : Yes
  • Integrated filter : CLARIS Smart
  • Weight : 9,8 kg
  • Power consumption: 1450 watts
  • Standby power : 0,5 watts


  • Height : 35,1 cm
  • Width : 28 cm
  • Depth : 43,9 cm



Also available in white.




Ref: Jura 315011
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