Reusable filter for Chemex

No more waste with this permanent filter for Chemex coffee maker

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Rediscover the pleasure of manual filtering with this reusable filter compatible with Chemex 6, 8 and 10 cup coffee makers. This filter was specifically designed for the Chemex coffeemaker, but it can also be used as a pour-over with a V60 dripper size 02 and 03 or a Bodum coffeemaker.

The reusable Able Kone filter is the ecological solution to stop using paper filters. Thanks to its particularly fine holes, you will find a result in cup very close to a classic filter in Chemex paper.

This conical filter is made of stainless steel and can be easily washed in a few seconds. The grey contour above the filter is made of grey ABS plastic.


  • Able Kone reusable conical filter for Chemex coffee maker
  • Made 100% in the USA
  • Materials: stainless steel

Brewing Tips

  • Grind: medium
  • Quantity of coffee: between 6 and 12 g per 100 ml of water
  • Water: non-boiling (90-95°C), and/or spring water 

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Country of manufacture: USA

Ref: Chemex able_chemex
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