Claris Pro Smart MAXI filter 600L

Compatible with Jura X6, X8, GIGA X3, GIGA X8

Claris 24146

Price: 64,00 52,89 excl. VAT

The CLARIS Pro Smart Maxi water filter removes the limestone contained in the tap water you use to fill the water tank of your coffee machine. Water is filtered each time you make a coffee. Using a filter in your Jura coffee machine has two great advantages: The aroma of the coffee stays pure and is not affected by the taste of tap water and, on the other hand, your coffee machine won't be affected by limescale: It will last longer!

The CLARIS Pro Smart has a filtering capacity of 600 litres of water, which is way more than the filtre CLARIS Pro Smart, good for "only" 300 litres.

Attention, If you are installing a filter for the first time or changing water supply, do not forget to adjust the water hardness! Refer to the user manual of your machine for further instructions.

Compatible machines:

The Claris Pro Smart Maxi filter is compatible with following Jura automatic coffee machines equipped with Intelligent Water System, I.W.S:

Compatible machines:

Jura X6
Jura X8
Jura GIGA X3
Jura GIGA X8


  • filtre jura x6
  • filtre jura x8
  • filtre jura giga x3
  • filtre jura giga x8