Green tea ginger lime Ethiquable

Green tea ginger lime Ethiquable

Box of 20 tea bags to infuse

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This green tea softened by the perfume of the lime and raised by the spicy note of the ginger will ensure you a maximum of vitality and well-being. The green tea will promote the elimination of toxins and the ginger will bring you tonus and energy.

It is cultivated in the Avonlea Hill gardens located in the heart of the Uva region of Sri Lanka. This region is at medium altitude and is affected by dry winds.

Its copper colored infusion is aromatic with a nice vegetal note.

This Ceylon green tea is a fine plucking: only the bud and the first two leaves are taken.

An ecological packaging

The packaging of this product is entirely recyclable in the paper waste or compostable (according to the parts). In short, the cardboard box, the bags and the label are to be put in the paper waste. The infusette and the thread are to be put in the compost. Find all the details about this ecological packaging in our blog post: Zoom on the ecological packaging of Ethiquable teas.

Dans quelle poubelle mettre ses déchets de thé Ethiquable

The Small Organic Farmer Association (SOFA)

This cooperative in Sri Lanka gathers 2,600 producers who, in the face of large plantations, fight every day to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly small-scale tea farming

Fertilization is done with natural fertilizers from compost and vermiculture. Hedges and terraces are installed to capture water and maintain an ideal humidity on the plots. Fair trade allows them to finance training in these techniques.

Green tea from fair trade (Fairtrade label) and organic farming.


Let your tea bag infuse for 3 to 4 minutes in water at 95°. Do not use boiling water, otherwise your green tea will lose its aroma and benefits.

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