Claris Pro Blue Filter for Jura XJ6, XJ9 and GIGA X3, X7, X8

Claris Pro Blue filter for Jura XJ6, XJ9 and GIGA X3, X7, X8

Filter cartridge CLARIS Pro Blue for Jura machines XJ5, XJ6, Impressa XJ9, GIGA X3, X7 and X8

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The CLARIS Pro Blue water filter removes impurities and limescale from the water of your coffee machine. It is these impurities that can alter the taste of your coffee. Therefore, by using a filter, you can prepare coffees with pure flavours and you can also extend the lifespan of your machine. Pro Blue filters are compatible with several Jura machines, such as the Jura XJ6, the Impressa XJ9 or the Jura GIGA. See below for a complete list. Whether your water is very hard or rather soft, this filter will suit your machine. Indeed, the cartridge is compatible with all tap water in the world. The granules in the filter prevent limescale and other impurities from passing through your machine and ending up in your cup. However, mineral salts and fluorides, which are valuable flavour enhancers, are preserved. If you follow the instructions for using the filter and your machine correctly, you will no longer have to descale your machine. Be careful, it is important to configure the hardness of your water in the machine when you install a Pro Blue filter for the first time. Have a look at your machine's user manual to learn more and set up your machine accordingly. Compatible machines: The Claris Pro Blue filter is compatible with the following Jura machines: Jura XJ5 Jura XJ6 Jura Impressa XJ9 Jura GIGA X3 Jura GIGA X3c Jura GIGA X7 Jura GIGA X7c Jura GIGA X8 Jura GIGA X8c Why use a Claris Pro Blue filter? There are several good reasons to use a filter cartridge in your machine. The 3 main ones are: No more limescale: no need to descale your machine! A coffee with perfect aromas: the impurities in the water do not alter the taste of the coffee A preserved machine: the limestone no longer damages your machine and its duration is therefore significantly extended How to install a Claris Pro Blue water filter? The various steps and instructions for replacing your Pro Blue filter are given in the user manual of your machine. You must have received it when you bought or rented your coffee machine. If needed, you can find it here in PDF format: User manual Jura XJ5 User manual Jura XJ6 User manual Jura Impressa XJ9 User manual Jura GIGA X3 User manual Jura GIGA X3C Your machine does not appear in this list? Take a look at the complete list of Jura machines. Keywords: jura filter xj6 jura filter xj9 jura giga filter

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