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Malagua BIO

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Floral and lemony notes with a gourmet chocolate touch. Coffee produced by a cooperative that promotes gender equality and sustainable agriculture.

Origin: El Tuma-La Dalia, Matagalpa (Nicaragua)
Variety: 100% Arabica
Grower: Coopérative Flor de Dalia
Altitude: 1200 - 1500m

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1 Kg - Ground 25,92 24,45 25,39 23,95 24,86 23,45 24,33 22,95
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Our Malagua coffee is a 100% Arabica and ORGANIC washed coffee that has a delicious lemon profile with a gourmet hint of chocolate. This coffee is produced by the Flor de Dalia cooperative. This cooperative is located in the Matagalpa Region. Founded in 2004 with the aim of offering ethical and ecological coffee, it is based on the "Blue Harvest" approach.


The Cooperative

The Cooperative de Servicios Múltiples Flor de Dalia was born on November 10, 2004. Only 2 years later, it became Fair Trade and BIO certified. The cooperative brings together small producers who produce and market various agricultural products such as rice, cocoa, coffee and honey.

Flor de Dalia promotes gender equality, works to prevent rural exodus, and seeks to implement adapted technologies to protect the environment. There are 150 cooperative coffee producers of which 30% are women. (which is rare in the country!). All of these producers share a production area of approximately 290 hectares.


The Blue Harvest Program

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is a humanitarian organization of the Catholic Church in the United States founded in 1943. Among its various projects, the NGO created the Blue Harvest program, which fights to highlight the negative impacts that coffee productions can have on water resources.

Since 2014, the Blue Harvest program has focused on restoring and protecting water resources for the people in coffee-growing regions. This program began in Central America with a focus on protecting communities living downstream of a coffee production and water-efficient farming practices. Currently the program has expanded to other regions of Latin America.

The Blue Harvest program works on 3 main pillars:


Blue Harvest
Blue Harvest


The geographical location

Our Malagua coffee is produced in the region of Matagalpa, specifically in the municipality of El Tuma-La Dalia. This municipality is responsible for 50% of the coffee production in its region. It is home to the most renowned plantations in the country. In fact, the Matagalpa region is located on the northern shore of Lake Malagua at an altitude between 1200m and 1500m. This particular location and the altitude give the coffee trees an agroforestry system propitious for a good development. Coffee has become the main element of the economy of the municipality, the producers and their families.


Sensory profile

  • Sweetness : 2/5
  • Acidity : 2/5
  • Length in the mouth : 1/5
Profil sensoriel Titus










Grain analysis

  • Density : 824 g/l
  • Moisture content : 11,00%
  • Water activity : 0.59 AW
  • Variability : Normal (10-20%)


This coffee has been roasted in Belgium following a slow roasting process. 

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