OKU Kumbo, Cameroun - 250g - Grains

OKU Kumbo, Cameroun - 250g - Grains

Un excellent café de Kumbo (Cameroun)

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The coffee from the OKU cooperative comes from the highlands, at an altitude of 2200 m, inside the northwest province of Cameroun in the town of OKU. The volcanic sub-soil, black and rich in humus provides a great aromatic complexity to this cru. The harvest is done manually and selectively, in 10 to 12 passages per coffee tree. The drying is completed in the courtyard.

The cooperation was created in 1958 and counts today approximately 4000 members. The members are organized in base units that gathers several cooperations. The OKU cooperation has always seeked to value the quality of its coffee in order to sell it beter and enable to give its members a better wage.