Ascaso Dream

Ascaso Dream

The most emblematic coffee machine in our range for Home. It was designed by Marc Aranyó more than 15 years ago, but our Dream still remains a dream.

Without touching a line of its daring retro aesthetic silhouette and its world of colours, Dream has upgraded its technology to get the perfect cup at home. A machine built with the highest quality materials (aluminum, stainless steel, brass), and a minimum use of plastic.

The PID version offers a totally professional performance: Ø 60mm filter holder externally adjustable OPV and a external PID display for temperature setting, adjustable pre-infusion, stand-by option and much more. A dream machine!

Daily cups 100 cups Melk drinks Nee
Beans tank 20 grams City water connection Nee
Water tank 1.3L Hot water Nee
Coffee grounds container 1 cups Drip drain Nee
Ground coffee drain Nee

Aie, we haven't registered any cleaning product for this machine yet.
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