Jura Z10 Signature Line - Aluminium Dark Inox (EA) - 15368

A revolution for the preparation of your hot and cold drinks

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The Z10, a masterpiece of Swiss engineering

The Z10 is unique in its kind, allowing you to combine hot and cold and prepare more than 30 coffee specialties. This machine is a masterpiece of the Jura brand and is able to prepare the entire range of hot coffees at the touch of a finger. We can add to this long list the cold brew specialties that the Z10 is able to prepare thanks to the Cold Extraction Process. Unlike other conventional cold drinks, where most of the coffee is brewed while hot and then cooled, here the extraction is done with cold water. A refreshing and energetic drink that brings out the fruity aroma of coffee without being overwhelmed by bitter substances. 

The new Product Recognising Gronder (P.R.G)

This precise grinder adjusts to the preset grind fineness in seconds. The settings range from a very fine grind for classic short drinks to a very coarse grind for longer specialties. The Z10 automatically adjusts the grind to perfectly match the selected specialty. No worries on your end.

Unique 3D percolation

The brewing unit in the Z10 is the eighth generation designed by JURA, and with its unique 3-D brewing technology, it allows water to flow evenly over the coffee grounds at multiple levels. No matter whether you are brewing a cold or hot coffee, the maximum aroma is released from the brew.

The advantage of the Signature Line version

On this edition, 3mm thick solid aluminum plates adorn the front and upper part of the machine. This material adds a much appreciated touch to the aesthetics of the traditional Jura.

In addition, the Z10 Signature Line features a chrome-plated zinc cup platform, adding a distinguished touch to your machine.

A quality in the materials used that is felt to the sight and touch, while keeping a superior result in the cup.


  • Grind : Coffee beans and ground coffee
  • Water tank: 2,4L
  • Bean container: 280 grams
  • Coffee grounds tank: 20
  • Hot water nozzle for tea: Yes
  • Dimension (W x H x D): 32 × 38 × 45 cm
  • Available preparations: Coffee, cold brew coffee, espresso, cold brew espresso, cappuccino, cold brew cappuccino, cappuccino extra shot, café au lait, cold brew café au lait, café au lait extra shot, caffè barista, lungo barista, espresso doppio, espresso macchiato, cold brew macchiato, cortado, cold brew cortado, latte macchiato, cold brew latte macchiato, latte macchiato extra shot, flat white, cold brew flat white, flat whithe extra shot, portion of milk foam, portion of milk, small pot of coffee, hot water, water for green tea 
  • Environmental friendliness: The JURA Z10 machine has an energy saving mode, which will ensure a reduction in your energy consumption




Discover the key technologies of the Z10


Ref: Jura 15368
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