Jura GIGA 6 - Aluminium (EA) - 15394

Perfection, precision and professionalism in one machine

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Payable with gift vouchers!

28 specialities 


Only under the best extraction conditions can high quality coffee be produced. To ensure an exceptional taste, the new GIGA 6 offers three different coffee brewing processes. It is also equipped with optimal technology for heating and frothing milk to produce trendy specialties in three different processes. With the power of its two heating systems and two pumps, the GIGA 6 allows you to prepare coffee and milk or milk foam at the same time. Coffee lovers can create a wide range of mixed drinks such as cortado or lattet. The GIGA 6 is even able to prepare two specialities at the same time.




Two disc grinders


Thanks to its two ceramic disc grinders, one of the hardest materials, and an electronic adjustment, the GIGA 6 guarantees the ideal fineness of grind. In addition, the two self-adjusting grinders allow you to enjoy two different coffees, separately or together. It's up to you to adjust the proportion (100% left, 75% left / 25% right, half and half, etc.) for a blend that suits you completely.





Artificial intelligence


On the high-resolution 4.3" touch screen color display, the GIGA 6 displays only useful information thanks to artificial intelligence. Your tasting preferences are detected and the home screen will adjust accordingly. With one or two finger touchs, your favorite specialties are directly accessible. Simple and explicit images, reduced to the essentials, everything is made easy for you to enjoy your coffee in complete tranquility. You can also name your specialties yourself.




Design and ease of use 


Discover the new version of the dishwasher-safe drip tray: just remove it with one hand, empty it and put it back in place. The key words are simplicity, cleanliness, speed and comfort.







  • Grinding: Coffee beans and ground coffee
  • Water tank: 2.6L
  • Bean container: 560 grams
  • Coffee grounds tank: 20
  • Hot water nozzle for tea: Yes
  • Dimension (W x H x D)32 × 41,5 × 48 cm
  • Available preparations: Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, café au lait, caffè barista, lungo barista, espresso doppio, espresso macchiato, cortado, latte macchiato, flat white, portion of milk foam, portion of milk, small pot of coffee, hot water, water for green tea 
  • Environmentally friendly: The JURA GIGA 6 has an energy saving mode, which will ensure a reduction in your energy consumption



Ref: Jura 15394
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