Jura J90

± 15 cups / day

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Jura J90

The all-round design of the IMPRESSA J line has already won over the judges of renowned international design awards. The design has been reinterpreted in brilliant silver alone. The modern graphics of the TFT display and the purposefully positioned chrome elements underpin the design perfectly.

The J90 is an automatic one-touch coffee machine, producing the entire range from ristretto to latte macchiato at the touch of a single button. The specialities are selected using the Rotary Switch. An Aroma+ grinder grinds the beans at twice the speed without impairing the aroma and the revolutionary fine foam technology places a light-as-air milk foam crown on every latte macchiato or cappuccino.

250 gr of coffee beans

In the bean container you can refill 250 gr of coffee at a time, enough to hold about 31 cups.

2L water

The capacity of the water tank is 2L, enough to prepare around 20 cups.

15 cups per day

Make up to 15 cups of coffee a day without any problems.

For rent or purchase

Are you interested in this Jura J90 ? Several options are available to you!

Commitment from 12 to 60 months

Contract length
12 to 60 months
Cleaning products
Maitenance service 48h
Loan in case of breakdown
Exclusivity (no min quantity)
41,00 €
per month (from)


The cheapest
Contract length
No contract
Cleaning products
Not included
Maitenance service 48h
In option
Loan in case of breakdown
1 year
No exclusivity  

Technical data sheet

It can always be useful!

Capacity ± 15 cups / day Hot water nozzle Yes
Beans tank 250 grams Milk beverages Yes
Water tank 2L City water connection available No
Coffee grounds container ± 16 cups Sewage disposal possible available No
Evacuation of coffee grounds available No
Jura cleaning tablets
The new 2-phase cleaning tablet doesn’t just clean the machine, it also seals it to delay the accumulation of coffee fat residue.
Jura descaling tablets
Jura Descaling Tablets remove scale build up in your Jura coffee maker.
Jura descaling tablets - 9 pieces
The Jura descaling tablets are designed to fight limescale. Limestone is the greatest enemy of all household appliances containing water. Descaling tablets: 9 tablets (3 sets of 3 tablets for 3 uses in total)
Jura cleaning tablet - 6 pieces
Cleaning your coffee machine is essential for two reasons: 1. It helps to keep the best coffee taste and 2. A clean and well maintained machine has a longer lifespan! These Cleaning tabs are specially designed for your Jura Coffee machines. The tablets are meant to use following the integrated cleaning programme of your device.
Ouch, we have not yet registered a manual for this machine.
However, do not hesitate to contact us, our technicians will be pleased to answer your questions!

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