Good coffee makes companies happier

Boost the mood and productivity of your company

Javry at work

Happy people work better

What's more important than an happy employee?

A human coffee

Fairtrade and BIO, all our coffees are bought from the producer himself.

High-quality coffee

All our coffees are 100% arabica and roasted in Belgium

For your company

High-quality coffee at work
Some damn good coffee

In addition to their fair-trade label, all our coffees are 100% arabica single origin and roasted in Belgium.

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High-quality coffee machine
A qualitative coffee machine

A premium coffee has to be prepared with a premium machine. That's why we're official Jura reseller.

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Easy online management
An online Platform

Thanks to our online platform, you manage your orders, shippings, bills and payments easily in a few clicks.

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Try it for free

Do you want to try our coffee? We offer you a 1-week free trial of our coffee with a Jura coffee machine.

A complete service

In addition to our coffee service, we can also supply other products like fairtrade cocoa, tea, sugar and chocolate, recycled coffee cups, soups, etc. Obviously our coffee machines allow you to make coffee but that's not all! You also get hot water for teas and soups. Moreover, some machines also have hot milk to prepare hot chocolate or exotic coffees like cappuccino. Are you ready to delight all the employees of your company?

Based in Brussels, we fuel clients everywhere in Belgium. For instance, we have clients in Charleroi, Brussels, Namur, Liège, Wavre, Nivelles, Mons, Gent, Antwerp, Leuven, etc.